I Walk Among You

Posted by Stacy Lewis on March 10, 2014 @ 9:51 AM

Post written by Craig Waddell, elder at Center church of Christ, after a recent mission trip to Cusco, Peru.

I walk among you, knowing that you and I are both made in the image of the same God.

I walk among you, striving to believe that you and I are the same, and in so many ways we are; we cry, we laugh, we love, we try to be strong, we desire help when we are weak, we desire to communicate with each other, we want to succeed, and we desire respect.

I walk among you in a land that is strange to me, but it is home to you. I hear you speak an unfamiliar language and watch you proudly showcase your ageless culture, the only way of life that you have ever known, the heritage left to you by your respected forefathers.

As I walk among you, sometimes I pity you because you will never have the opportunity to enjoy the luxuries that I take for granted. Sometimes I envy the simplicity of your existence, a simplicity that was intended from the beginning. Sometimes I fear you, not that you have given me a reason to, but I am out of my comfort zone, and so I must confess, I am a little afraid. But for the most part, I trust you to help me find my way when I am lost, and to treat me kindly when I confess my inabilities to understand your customs, because I know that you would desire the same from me should our circumstances be reversed.

As I walk among you, I want you to know that I love you, not because we have a close relationship which has developed over time, and not because you have earned my love by doing something for me, for we have just met one another; I love you because we are indeed made in the image of the same God and we will both one day stand before Him in all His majesty as our judge. I like to think that I have the same love for you that Christ has for all mankind. Deep within my heart, I believe that is the reason that I am here walking among you; I want to allow the abundant love which Christ has bestowed upon me to overflow in service to you. But as long as our differences so raptly hold my focus, I must ask myself if I truly love you with the love of the Lord.

I walk among some of you as brothers and sisters in Christ. I want to believe that I neither hold prejudices nor make any distinctions between us, but sometimes there does seem to be a national distinction which leads to an “us and them” mentality. Is this a suppressed feeling of separation? Do I secretly believe us unequal? I pray not, for I truly want us to be the blended family our Father desires us to be since we have all been bought and redeemed with the same blood.

I walk among you, asking myself if I am truly selflessly serving you, or if I selfishly believe my presence here will put another star in my crown. I don’t know. But one thing I do know. I hope to walk among you again next year, and maybe I can be a little closer to developing that love which I so dearly want to exhibit toward all mankind, but especially toward you; the totally selfless love of Jesus our Savior and Lord.

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