The Great Physician

Posted by Stacy Lewis on June 15, 2014 @ 4:39 PM

Post written by: Craig Waddell, elder at Center church of Christ

Many times, the virus or bacteria that is causing the debilitating or lethal infection/disease today entered the body months, even years ago. The "bug" lay dormant and undetected during that time. Once the germ activated and began multiplying, the body demonstrated symptoms - a momentary sharp pain, an unusual smell, atypical weight loss and weakness, etc. - but the person refused to acknowledge the significance of the symptoms, reasoning, "I'm too young. I'm living too active and healthy of a lifestyle. I have no family history. I don't have time for this. It wouldn't happen to me. Etc." Maybe the patient even mentioned the symptoms in passing to a physician, and, for whatever reason, the doctor's response seemed to indicate there was no need for concern. Then today, everything seemed to hit at once and humanity's physical weakness and mortality became evident.

The same type of spiritual scenario plays out on a daily basis. In fact, most who experience a debilitating or even lethal spiritual reaction today, contracted the germ long ago; the seed of doubt or disbelief was planted in their hearts years before they first began to notice its possible existence. As it began to grow within their hearts, most of these people experienced symptoms, but they either refused to acknowledge the signs and discomfort or they didn't realize the seriousness of the situation. Maybe they mentioned some of their questions to trusted religious mentors, but the mentors' responses seemed to indicate there was no need for concern. Then for each of them, one day, everything seemed to hit at once, and each became aware of his/her weakness of faith and the good possibility that his/her faith may have died. We may not be able to avoid contacting and contracting the germs which cause spiritual doubt and disbelief, but may we never ignore or deny the symptoms these viruses cause, and may we always seek the caring advice of the Great Physician.

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